What I’ve Eaten Lately: Gluten + Dairy Free – French Toast, Scones, Thai Food, Chocolate Cupcake, Lavender Lemonade

Hello & welcome! Today I want to share some of the food I’ve been enjoying lately. So instead of a ‘What I Eat in a Day’ (though maybe sometime soon I should write one…) I’m sharing a What I’ve Eaten Lately! These foods are all gluten and majority dairy free, so enjoy!

French Toast

This gluten and dairy free French toast I made at home, and I absolutely love! French toast is a food I would love to experiment with a little bit, to make it a little more fancy and delectable! But this original is pretty tasty to me. I topped it with raspberries and blueberries for an extra sweet treat.

Gluten and dairy free French toast with berries
Homemade gluten and dairy free French toast with berries!

White Chocolate Raspberry Scone

Raspberries are the theme for me lately! The chocolate and peanut butter scone from my last breakfast post here is from the same local café as this beauty! This was my weekend treat over the spring, and the sweet white chocolate with the tangy raspberry meld wonderfully with the scrumptious scone.

Gluten free white chocolate raspberry scone next to a lavender plant
Gluten free white chocolate raspberry scone alongside my lavender plant!

Peanut Sauce Salad

I’m lucky that one of our local Thai restaurants serves gluten free and vegan options, and has been good with my newest low FODMAP restrictions. This quickly became a new favorite for me, and I went back for another dinner there fairly quickly! Perfectly spicy with cool rice noodles, lettuce and veggies, to me it’s a perfect summer lunch or dinner.

Gluten free peanut sauce salad
Gluten free peanut sauce salad!

Chocolate Cupcake

I was so thrilled to hear that another local café finally started offering gluten free cupcakes!! I had hoped they would offer chocolate and vanilla, but for right now I believe they’re only serving chocolate. I tried one around graduation, and it was heavenly! The frosting was deliciously sweet, and the chocolate was rich without being too heavy. It was gone within seconds, haha!

Gluten free chocolate cupcake
Gluten free chocolate cupcake!

Lavender Lemonade

I decided to hop on the lavender train! I tried this beautiful lavender lemonade from a local café, and I have to say, it was slightly odd. It wasn’t off-putting, but definitely odd. I’m not used to tasting flowers in my lemonade, but I will say that I enjoyed it and would order it occasionally again for something different.

A cup of lavender lemonade
Lavender lemonade! Such a pretty pink!

I hope this gave a little foodie inspiration to my fellow gluten and dairy free eaters out there! For more, you can always check out my recent gluten free eats in Louisville, my quick guide to gluten free fast food, or my most recent gluten and dairy free breakfasts! For updates and more content, follow me on Instagram at tarynstales or through my LinkTree here! Thanks for reading!

First, we eat. Then, we do everything else.


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